Prompt #011 – Wine Labels

Objective: Design a wine label for an already existing brand that you want to refresh or you can make up your own wine brand! Think about the audience you’re trying to go after before you create these. For example, are you designing for a younger millennial customer or a more mature audience? This will help determine your final design decisions.

When creating your wine label there are a few things you need to include: a logo, producer name (if not in the logo), region, the year made, grape variety, bottle volume and alcohol content. Feel free to add any additional information to your label. We have included some links below under the “Notes & Suggestions” section for some free mockups you can use to apply your final design to.

Suggested Size: Base the size of your label on the mockup that you choose

Suggested Program: Indesign, Illustrator or Affinity Designer

Goal Date: November 30th

PD Notes & Suggestions: Here are some free mockups you can download and use to apply your design to: Wine Bottle Mockup 1, Wine Bottle Mockup 2 and Wine Bottle Mockup 3.

Remember to play and have fun while creating these!!!! Our hope is that you will develop new skills and passions while working on these prompts.

We encourage you to post your work-in-progress as well as your final pieces to get helpful feedback from the PD community (#PDcrit). Also, be sure to tag us @prompteddesign and use #Prompt011 to give you a chance to be featured on our page.


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