Client Briefs

Below is a list of some various client briefs that we’ve created for you to work with along with our Prompts if you are feeling stuck on who or what to make the Prompts for.

Boutique Fashion Company

Target Audience: 26-30-year-old, Female, Male, Urban Living, Working Professional
Attributes/Feeling: Free-spirited, Edgy, Adventurous, Creativity
About/Mission: We want to empower women and men to feel confident in their own skin through our expressive fashion. We are constantly adding new items to our shop and we buy in small quantities to ensure that we are always offering something new. 
Style Guides: Contemporary Modern Typeface, Warm/Neutral color palette

High-End Sushi Restaurant

Target Audience: 30-40 year-olds, Gender Neutral, Working Professionals, Urban
Attributes/Feeling: Luxury, high-end, artistic food creations, Sexy, Upscale, Modern
About/Mission: We serve the best sushi in the city sourcing all of our food with the highest quality ingredients around. We want to give our customer a one of a kind experience through our delicious food and diverse drink offerings all set in a beautiful modern atmosphere.
Style Guides: Contemporary Modern Typeface, Dark/Moody color palette

Local Coffee Shop

Target Audience: 23-50 year-olds, Gender Neutral, College Students, Working Professionals, Retired, Stay at home moms, stay at home dads
Attributes/Feeling: Friendly, urban, fresh, cozy, quality coffee beans, prideful 
About/Mission: We offer a unique range of quality coffee beverages as well as a small selection of baked goods that satisfy an array of customers. The interior is cozy and inviting with huge tables making it a great place for people to work from.
Style Guides: Handmade, Local, Friendly Typeface, Bright/Warm color palette

Candle Company (Ecommerce & Pop-Up Shop)

Target Audience: 23-50 year-olds, Gender Neutral, College Students, Working Professionals, Retired, Stay at home moms, stay at home dads
Attributes/Feeling: Inviting, warm, cozy, quality, eco-friendly, handmade, high-quality
About/Mission: Our pleasing fragrances and flickering wicks lighten up the mood and spirit of any space. Our handmade soy blended candles are high-quality, earth-friendly and our hand poured into a reusable vessel with cotton wicks. 
Style Guides: Craft, Minimal, Clean, Neutral color palette 

Mason Jar Florals (Rustic/Country-Chic Florist)

Target Audience: 23-33-year-olds, Female, Working Professionals, Loves nods to the past
Attributes/Feeling: Homey, handmade, modern-antique, peaceful, bright and warm
About/Mission: Our floral arrangements have that modern flair with an antique twist. Our elegant arrangements give off the feeling that you just freshly cut some flowers from your garden.
Style Guides: Rustic, country-chic, warm with soft pastel floral accents

The Steep (Loose Leaf Tea Store)

Target Audience: 22-60-year-olds, Gender Neutral, Tea Lovers
Attributes/Feeling: Clean, Minimal with natural accents, handcrafted, high-quality, warm + cozy
About/Mission: We have the world’s finest organic teas that we hand blended and custom craft. We carefully select our teas directly from the growers, each with their own unique story to share. We want you to feel at home in our stores while enjoying a great cuppa!
Style Guides: Natural Earthy accents, warm neutrals with nature tones, friendly

Craft Blogger

Target Audience: 26-36-year-olds, Female, Working Professionals, Stay-at-Home Moms
Attributes/Feeling: Bright, Fun, Care-free, Artistic, Playful
About/Mission: On this blog, we share fun + crafty ideas for you to try for your home. We are do-it-yourselfers and we want to share our ideas while walking you through them, step-by-step to empower you to explore and find new ways to craft.
Style Guides: Bright and full of life

Home Decor - Lighting - Industrial Chic

Target Audience: 30-40-year-olds, Gender Neutral, Working Professionals, Urban
Attributes/Feeling: Industrial-chic, old + new, urban
About/Mission: We take inspiration from converted lofts and old factories to bring a touch of industrial-chic to your well-appointed home. We find beauty in using unexpected materials, natural color palettes and rustic detailing in our lighting collections.
Style Guides: Industrial/natural color palette, unexpected

Fizzy Fizz (Seltzer Water - Canned Beverage)

Target Audience: 16-30-year-olds, Gender Neutral, Sugar-free lifestyle
Attributes/Feeling: Clean, Fun, Energetic, Playful
About/Mission: Our seltzer water is made with the finest, all-natural ingredients providing that extra fizz during your busy day. We bring all the bubbles without the sugars and unreadable products that other brands serve up.
Style Guides: Modern, bright, playful

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