Prompt #009

Prompt #009 – Botanical Line Drawings

Objective: Create a collection of botanical illustrations either by hand using pen & ink then refining on the computer or you can jump right onto the computer, whichever you prefer. Create as many or little as you want for your set or collection. The word “botanical” refers to anything relating to plants so feel free to explore more than just the plants themselves.

Suggested Size: Any size or proportion will work

Suggested Program: Illustrator or any vector-based program is preferred

Goal Date: September 30th

PD Notes & Suggestions: As always we encourage you to start out with sketching your ideas on paper before jumping on the computer. You can draw your sets using ink pens or markers and then scan them in and live trace your actual sketches if you want a rougher feel or you can use them as a source of inspiration and smooth them out more in Illustrator using the pen tool, etc. Try out different color palettes with your set and maybe export multiple sets with different color themes. When your set is complete export your set using the libraries panel inside of Illustrator. If you’re not sure how to do this here is a short video that shows you how. You can also save your file as an eps or svg and open it up any time you want to pull something from it.

Remember to play and have fun while creating these!!!! Our hope is that you will develop new skills and passions while working on these prompts.

We encourage you to post your work-in-progress as well as your final pieces to get helpful feedback from the PD community (#PDcrit). Also, be sure to tag us @prompteddesign and use #Prompt009 to give you a chance to be featured on our page.


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