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Have you ever seen a piece of lettering and one or more of the letters just really speak to you?!? If so, wouldn’t you love to put your own twist on that style but you’re not sure where to start?

Well… read on for handy tips and some free tools we created just for you!

Looking at that lettering piece as a reference (friendly reminder to not copy, it should only serve as inspiration). Start to determine what unique characteristics you would like to bring into your own “font”. You could sketch these ideas out or write down some notes. From there you can use our Hand-Lettering Alphabet Grid to create a whole alphabet, or font, using the style you’ve outlined. You can later reference your completed sheet and any other styles that you create when working on your future lettering. This is handy so that you don’t have to rethink what each letter in that style should look like every time… you’ll have your own lettering font library to reference 🙂

Prompted Design | Prompt #005 | Hand-Lettering Alphabet Grid

If you feel like going the extra mile, we’ve also created a Hand-Lettering Numbers and Symbols Grid for your use. Both of these Grids can be found at the same link, and because we are feeling generous, we’ve included PDF, PNG and Procreate File versions for each (woo-hoo!).

Prompted Design | Prompt #005 | Hand-Lettering Numbers & Symbols Grid

Happy Lettering!



Prompt #005

Prompt #005 – Hand-Lettered Inspirational Message/Word(s)

Objective: We could all use a little extra inspiration/motivation right now, so for this month’s Prompt you’ll be creating your own hand-lettered inspirational message or word(s) that are inspiring to you. Explore different styles and applications to create interesting compositions that you can share on social or apply to products.

Suggested Size: Any size or proportion will work, think of how/where you’d like to use your final graphic to help determine this.

Suggested Program: Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer
iPad app suggestions: Procreate, Adobe Fresco/Photoshop, Affinity Designer/Photo, Paper by WeTransfer

Goal Date: May 31st

PD Notes & Suggestions: These can be strictly created using pen and paper, or you can take a photo to manipulate your lettering or use it as a guide to digitize and further explore from there. Your sketches can also just be a starting off point before getting started digitally. Another great option is using a tablet with a pen, like that of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, or a drawing tablet for your computer like a Wacom. These will give you that hand-drawn effect with more control rather than using your mouse with the added benefit that you’re working in digital and can scale as needed… without the waste of paper 🙂

Remember to play and have fun while creating these!!!! Our hope is that you will develop new skills and passions while working on these prompts.

We encourage you to post your work-in-progress as well as your final pieces to get helpful feedback from the PD community (#PDcrit). Also, be sure to tag us @prompteddesign and use #Prompt005 to give you a chance to be featured on our page.

Download Prompt #005 PDF

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